Conquering Codependency Forever With Emotional Regulation: A Codependent’s Recovery Workbook and Guide to Break Free from Toxic Relationships and Patterns, Set Healthy Boundaries & Claim Independence

 Conquering Codependency Forever With Emotional Regulation: A Codependent's Recovery Workbook and Guide to Break Free from Toxic Relationships and Patterns, Set Healthy Boundaries & Claim Independence

Free yourself from the destructive shackles of codependency by learning how to set healthy boundaries, claim independence, and end neediness — Keep reading to learn more!

Are you unsure if you are codependent or not?

Are you in a toxic relationship due to your codependent tendencies and finding it hard to set and maintain healthy boundaries to claim your independence?

Are you a people-pleaser who always says YES even if it hurts you?

If you said YES to any of these questions, you’re in the right place!

Codependency: Also known as “relationship addiction” is an emotional and behavioral condition where one-sided, emotionally and psychologically damaging, and abusive relationships go unchecked.

It’s a devastating situation that happens more often than people like to admit.

For most people, codependency stops people from having mature, mutually rewarding relationships and pushes them down a rabbit hole filled with desperation and despair.

When you’re stuck in a codependent relationship, you stop looking after yourself, your needs, and your desires so that the other person stays happy and protected… no matter the cost.

In “Stop Codependency Forever with Emotion Regulation”, Dylan Walker guides readers through a practical and effective path toward letting go, healing, and happiness.

With research-based insights into how codependence starts, why it thrives, and how it can wreck people’s perception of themselves and their worth, readers will be able to dig deep, take stock of their situation, how they can start breaking the chains that hold them back, and how they can make sure they never find themselves in the same predicament again.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Insights on how codependency starts: From what codependent relationships look like to breaking toxic myths and stereotypes, this book gives readers all the information they need to finally wake up

Information behind the psychology of codependency and how people subconsciously enable it: From how codependent people think to how codependency ties to childhood trauma and people-pleasing, this guide sheds light into the roles people play in toxic cycles

Emotional regulation strategies that end codependency: From learning how to put your needs first to overcoming the fear of abandonment, building self-worth, and using effective coping strategies, readers will be equipped with all the tools they need to becoming their best self

Effective approaches to staying free from codependency: From setting firm boundaries to cultivating healthy, interdependent relationships, this guide gives readers the insights into how they can build a life and mindset that keeps codependence at bay

And so much more!
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Set Good Boundaries: Where You Stop, And I Begin

Set Good Boundaries: Where You Stop, And I Begin
Who is really in control of your life?

Do you ever struggle to strike a balance between your needs and doing things for others? Does conflict-avoidant behavior make you feel submissive to a family member or friend? Does it ever feel like you are sacrificing your inner peace and disregarding the things that light your fire for someone else’s sake?

Set Good Boundaries is the essential handbook that teaches you how to set boundaries in existing relationships and start off on the right foot as you develop new ones.

Exercises connect you with your core needs and train you to set boundaries naturally and effortlessly. You have the potential to enrich every relationship in your life, and this book will help you tap into that power.

If you are struggling with a toxic relationship, feel overwhelmed and stressed because of all the obligations in your life, or just plain can’t say “no” without feeling guilty, this book is for you.
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