The Quadity

The Quadity
You never expect your life to change when you go on a run, but that’s exactly what happened to Zach.

In his 3rd year of law school, stability and success are on the near horizon for 30-year-old Zach when a storm of misfortune send his life into a tailspin. Struggling to find healing in the midst of his pain, he pursues various spiritual, physical, and emotional remedies. At a pivotal moment, Zach takes off on a run through the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, only to meet some very unexpected people.

When Zach returns from his run, his life looks entirely different—but not in the way he expected. What Zach encounters will provide him insights into his past experiences and pain…and shed light on the innumerable dimensions of God—the concept of “the Quadity.”

His journey provides answers to the deepest questions asked about spirituality, the divine, and what we can truly know about God. $4.99 on Kindle.

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