Ellis leads his Gundogs into Hell’s Heart to hunt Gluttons and shred their armour. But Gluttons are the apex predators of Hell’s Heart, the forest that heed their own gods and spits on the laws of men. And while hunting their dangerous prey, Ellis’ Gundogs must battle The Song of the forest because when The Song casts its rhythm into their bones, self-slaughter and murder are the only thoughts the Gundogs have left.

In Hell’s Heart, the trees are lord and master.

Dram, an imperious soldier commanding the respect of men, appears in the Gundogs’ mountain stronghold whilst Ellis is fighting The Song to reclaim his mind. Dram promises Ellis riches if he will venture into Hell’s Heart and use his specialist skills to retrieve a weapon that could end the war. Ellis grudgingly accepts, knowing he must use all his training to endure

The Song and lead his Gundogs through hell. But as Ellis watches his friends die around him, his mind disintegrates, and he slowly succumbs to the madness spilling from the trees.

Araya is a work about the fragility of the mind and how emotional resilience can lead an individual to achieve great feats.

It is a story of friendship and love, loss and madness, and that delicate balance between light and darkness which reminds us that we are made of flesh, and all flesh is doomed to die. A thriller about the human condition that explores the tyrannical hand emotions have over our decisions and quality of life, with prose that emphasise – we must be great with the time that we have.

Gundogs race against time in Hell’s Heart because with every passing second the forest tightens its noose and sharpens its blade. $3.99 on Kindle.

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