The Father’s Tree

The Father's Tree
Love. Death. Adventure!

The tale of the Garden of Eden is one of the most well-known and universally loved stories of all time, and Dr. Elise Harper and her team believe there’s more than a little truth to it. To prove the science books wrong and religious lore right, they trek into the Caucasus mountain ranges, amidst a world ravaged with war and apocalyptic tragedy.

But shortly into the expedition, events pivot dangerously. Nature and hidden supernatural forces interrupt their mission, and the team’s motivation transforms from finding the Tree of Life to simply maintaining life itself.

Complicating things, the group is infused with wild cards, which drive tensions even higher, keeping them guessing if the future brings a chance for new beginning, or a path leading to death. $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Vatican Must Go: A Mexico Story of the Explosive Clash Between Government Power and the Glory of Faith

The Vatican Must Go: A Mexico Story of the Explosive Clash Between Government Power and the Glory of Faith

The historical record doesn’t have much to say about what might have fueled Mexico’s bloody Cristero War and the loss of more than 150,000 lives. Could It be American interests were involved?

It’s the 1920’s, Pancho Villa is gone, and Mexico is just settling into a new, post-revolution form of democratic government.

Vatican influence over the psyche of the country remains an enemy.

Back in the USA, one group of Denver radical evangelicals is waging a powerful domestic assault against Catholic immigration and the sweeping spread of Catholicism. With KKK backing, Masonic Order money, and US government approved assistance, these fanatics decide anti-Catholic political conditions in Mexico are ripe to take their fight down there.

They don’t need to search any further south than Trinidad, Colorado to find the man for the job.

Charlie Coates, who had organized the John D. Rockefeller strikebreaking force during the infamous Colorado Coalfield Wars, was contracted to put together the group of mercenaries needed to foment religious wars south of the border.

Charlie’s tried and trusted para-military Generals, Abe Barton from El Paso and Matt Ketchum from Kansas, re-assemble and train, a group of Mexican braceros Abe had brought north to work the mines.

Abe and Matt are in it for big money and adventure, but when the well-armed and handsomely financed rebel outfit begins organizing the Catholic faithful of Zacatecas state to rebel, an amazing transformation takes place.

Finding true love and living the plight of the common people irreversibly alters our basically decent men’s perception in different ways. $1.99 on Kindle.

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Cory’s Dilemma: Missing the Beat

Cory's Dilemma: Missing the Beat
His big music career break…

…was because of a lie.

Did someone know his secret?

Cory struggled for years in Manhattan, but just couldn’t get a hit. It wore on him and he was desperate. Late one night at the studio, he took a chance, and it made all the difference.

But was it a risk that could ruin him?

Would he be able to live with what he’d done?

As his career took off, the money, fame, and success came with a price he never imagined. His marriage was in trouble. And someone was out to destroy him.

Would he lose everything he cared about?

You’ll love this suspenseful thriller, because the lines sometimes get blurry and the path to redemption isn’t easily traveled. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Trial by Sabotage

Trial by Sabotage
Two sisters, one messy court case, and two handsome sidekicks add up to one helluva ride!

A high-speed pursuit was the last thing Anna expected when she set out on a road trip to the spa with her sister. But, when you learn your sister is the main focus of an FBI investigation, plans tend to change.

A deadly crime boss is hell-bent on wrecking her sister’s blossoming legal career, and now it’s not only her future in the balance—Anna has an arrest warrant waiting for her too! If the FBI can catch up with her, that is.

With danger around every corner, keeping her sister alive and out of jail won’t be easy.

About as easy as trusting her sister’s partner on the case while knowing someone in their office is out to get them. Or as easy as teaming up with that partner’s brother who’s busy investigating how to do as little as possible for the weekend.

So much for a quiet weekend at the spa!

Can Anna learn to work with a stranger long enough to find the mastermind behind the sabotage before the crime takes them all down?

If you like unexpected, action-filled mysteries with smart and engaging characters, you’ll love Paige H. Perry’s fast-paced series. $0.99 on Kindle.

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A marriage made in heaven, a murder made in hell.

Why kill the man you love?

Lizzy was struggling, everyone knew that.
He shouldn’t have done those things.
He shouldn’t have pushed her so hard.
And now, her children, her marriage, her hope – gone.
It was all her fault, she knew that, but was there a chance of redemption?

Lizzy Dyson’s on trial for her life. She knows she must pay for what she did, even if it wasn’t planned, but will the jury believe her? $1.99 on Kindle.

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