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Nailah Madsen isn’t always impetuous but one day, through an idiotic act, she manages to piss off the head of a biker gang and he demands that she be “snatched” so that she can be dealt with later.

However, neither she nor the gang leader know that Dele Larson, the biker instructed to “deal” with her is an undercover cop who has infiltrated the gang to link it to a drug trafficking network in California.

Dele aka Eric McIntyre is under a deadline by the gang leader to turn up some missing drugs or pay with his life. The last thing he needed was being forced to kidnap an innocent woman. Now he is under pressure to find the drugs without blowing his cover, keep both him and Nailah safe…and fight a growing attraction to a woman who is none too pleased about her current circumstances. $0.99 on Kindle.