Free: Frost and Ashes

Free: Frost and Ashes
Thrilling Scandinavian mystery

From an international best-selling and award-winning author

During a snowstorm, an 8-year-old boy is found dead in a stream running through a village in Denmark. He has been strangled with a fishing line and has severe burn marks on his hands.

The investigation of the killing of the boy goes in several directions.

To an old man with a dark past and a collection of beetles, to a boy with a cell phone and a guilty conscience, and to a drowning accident in the same stream thirty years ago.

Police-inspector Daniel Trokic is handling the case with his team, and while the snow is slowly melting, a terribly painful story is revealed.

Frost and Ashes is the second book in the bestselling Scandinavian mystery series by Award-winning author Inger Wolf. Free on Kindle.

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