Don’t Call Me Nev

Don't Call Me Nev
Don’t Call me Nev begins with the adventures of a boy growing up in the North Queensland bush with constant companion Rover the kelpie-cross, an air rifle and a pet cockatoo.

Early chapters recall shooting pigeons from the walls of one of the state’s major jails, almost drowning in a flooded creek, being stung by a freshwater stonefish, exploring a sinister hidden cave, surviving a cyclone, and attending a primary school where pupils learnt to cope with a sudden influx of migrant children who couldn’t speak English. He also learns how to catch mud crabs without setting a pot, after a chance encounter with an indigenous man willing to pass on his skills in a remote setting.

Moving back to his old hometown of Bundaberg brings its own problems, teen romance and adventures in having to deal with a bullying teacher. He quits to begin a successful pharmacy apprenticeship, eventually meets his soulmate on a blind date, but tosses all that in to head off on a spearfishing adventure around Australia with a vagabond young Victorian.
Not all goes smoothly. One chapter recalls a close encounter with a two metre shark while diving alone in a big swell.

Fate awaits as the road trip leads back to new horizons, more misadventures and a chance new career in journalism on life’s long and winding road. Quirky humour mixed with drama, romance and adventure make it an M-rated tale with a uniquely Aussie theme. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Take Me Home

Take-Me-HomeWhen Josie Wolcott finds herself with an empty nest and another failed romantic relationship, she sets off in search of herself on a uniquely American adventure that takes the reader across the country. 

Leaving her New England home in her rearview mirror, Josie’s journey of self-discovery begins in South Florida where every day feels like a vacation. While enjoying the waterfront bars with their countless happy hours, she begins to question her relationship with alcohol and what it is she truly wants out of life. Determined to find her way, she decides to take on a new challenge at a fishing lodge along the Snake River in southeastern Idaho where she meets Dr. Andrew Radcliffe, a kindred spirit navigating his own way to happiness. 

From the Northeast to Florida and the great American West, Josie meets a cast of characters as varied and different as the landscape she travels through. With an adventurous spirit and a willing heart, she confronts her demons and past mistakes and dares to find happiness in the most unexpected of places. Will Josie, a lifelong wanderer, find the road that finally takes her home?

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