Free: Perspective Detective

Perspective Detective is an interactive, rhyming mystery story. The Perspective Detective’s mission is to help children better understand one another and their different points of view. Help him and the cubs solve his latest mystery of the lost Teddy in this entertaining, optical illusion filled, puzzle packed story. Young readers will explore themes like empathy, open mindedness, problem solving, and communicating better with one another. Free on Kindle.
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Free: His Father’s Mustache

His Father’s MustacheHis Father’s Mustache?

Ziggy’s dad had a mustache, extra-long,
it had shiny hairs, was healthy and strong.
When it was cold, and snow hit the ground
he wrapped his ‘stache like a scarf all around.
When he left the house and said goodbye,
the ‘stach left after an hour… and that’s no lie!

The story develops the child’s imagination and teaches valuable messages in a humoristic way with fun rhymes! Free on Kindle.
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