The People’s Gold: Everyone, Everywhere, Every time!

THE PEOPLE’S GOLD: EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, EVERY TIME! A Beginner’s Practical Guide on All You Need to Know on How to Profit from Gold (Bonus! Practical Tips for Investing in Silver)



A step-by-step guide to getting started with gold investments, which you can follow even without any investing background:

– How to legitimately invest in gold with less than $100
– Why you need to buy physical gold
– How much of your portfolio to invest in gold so you don’t lose out on market gains, but you still protect yourself enough in case of a severe downturn
– An easy and accessible way to invest in gold without having to worry about storage and theft
– How to tell real versus fake gold, and other smart ways to protect yourself from gold scammers
– Have a better understanding of your profile as a gold investor
– The varying reasons for investing in gold, and how they affect your investment strategy
– Know the different types of gold investors and see which one you can identify yourself the most
– Bonus chapter: Practical tips for investing in silver that could augment your portfolio even more

Whether you think the economy as we know it will collapse in the foreseeable future, or you’re just looking for a hedge against low interest rates, gold offers you this protection and more.

If you want to protect your finances & prepare for an uncertain future with a tangible, safe, & reliable asset, then grab a copy of this book right now! $0.99 on Kindle.

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How2Thrive in Personal Finance

How2Thrive in Personal Finance

I will not tell you how to spend your money and what to spend it on.

How much you spend on any particular item-that is your call. In this book I will help you zero in on your credit payments.

Paying interest on credit cards without paying on the principle is a cycle that will never end. You will be paying the company for about 35 years if you just pay the minimum payments. This is why I always say the banks are stealing your retirement money. That is money that could be going into your retirement instead of the bank’s coffers.

In this book you will learn:
– How to get smarter with your money.
– What you can do to protect yourself in any economy.
– How to build a successful financial plan.
– How to make the financial system work for you, instead of the banks.
– Practical, applicable knowledge of finance and economics.
– How to start your journey to financial success and freedom.
– Easy retirement planning.

If you use the techniques in this book you can pay your debt including your mortgage in 7-9 years. If you do not include a mortgage you can be debt-free in as little as 3 years. Let’s change it now. $5.99 on Kindle.

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Financial Independence Retire Early: Change Your Future One Simple Step at a Time

Financial Independence Retire Early: Change Your Future One Simple Step at a Time

Would you like to make steps today so you can change your financial future and live life on your own terms?

Do you want to be free from your 9-5 so you can start a business, a hobby, or travel the world?

Are you looking to exit your corporate job as soon as possible?

Do you want to build a life, that provides for financial freedom, giving you the luxury to be able to retire early with passive income streams so you can do what you want?

Many think that retiring early by 30, 40, or 50 is unattainable due to massive debt, corporate restructuring, or because you don’t have the time to dedicate into a strong financial education on financial independence.

The movement of Financial Independence, with the ability to retire early, has turned this ideology upside down, and has exponentially grown in the past couple decades. Many are desiring to be financially free and independent, so they can live life on their own terms. This movement, consisting of saving and investing in passive income sources has many changing the trajectory of their financial future by making small, simple steps and creating a new future. In this book, you will learn:

• Why People are Embracing the Financial Independence Lifestyle Movement, and Rapidly and Heavily Investing in Passive Income Sources
• 23 Practical Steps to Create Wealth with Clearly Defined Steps to so you Can Easily Get on Board with the FIRE movement
• How to Get Started with Investments so you Can Generate Wealth and Change your Financial Future
• How to Calculate your Retirement Date so you Can Taste your Future and Start to Make Retirement Plans
• How to Create Passive Income with the BRRRR Approach to Real Estate Investing so you Can Diversify your Assets
• The Magic of Compound Interest so you can See your Investments Grow
• The Importance of our Mindset and how it Impacts our Ability to Generate Wealth
• How to Overcome Setbacks and Challenges so that you Can Quickly Gain Momentum
• The Impact of Embracing a Frugal Mentality so you Can Boost your Portfolio Forward and see the Day of Financial Independence
• How to Get out of the Rat Race so you Can Enjoy your Life and Live It on your Own Terms
• 9 Side Hustles to Start Today to Propel you Forward in the Journey Faster.
• And more…

There has never been a more important time to learn the strategies and tools, to reach financial independence, so you can retire early, and leave your 9-5, than it is now. With this book, you will have the fundamentals, all in one place, so you can get started on your financial independence journey, creating your future one simple step at a time. $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Daily Payday Personal Finance System

The Daily Payday Personal Finance System is a revolutionary approach to personal finance. Inside we give you the blueprint to achieving financial freedom. No more living from paycheck to paycheck. No budgeting is required to implement this effective system, just a willingness to learn. We give you all the steps you need to begin utilizing this strategy to its fullest so you can reach that illusive financial freedom in no time. $4.19 on Kindle.

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Debt Cleanse: How To Settle Your Unaffordable Debts for Pennies on the Dollar (And Not Pay Some At All)

Debt Cleanse: How To Settle Your Unaffordable Debts for Pennies on the Dollar (And Not Pay Some At All)
Don’t let your debt burden you one more day. This book will set you free – with simple, actionable steps and strategies.

Jorge Newbery was once left $26 million in debt, after a natural disaster devastated his business. Predatory creditors swarmed; but what he discovered will amaze you.

In this book, Newbery reveals his proven debt-cleansing methods. In simple, step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn how to…

Assert your rights and defend yourself against creditors.

Stop making payments — and turn that to your advantage.

End harassing collection calls.

Dispute your debts to stack the odds in your favor.

Uncover deficiencies that can put money in your pocket.

Protect your assets from creditors (100% legally).

Negotiate the best possible settlements.

Be debt-free for life.

Debt Cleanse shows you how to gain leverage over your creditors. You can settle your unaffordable debts for pennies on the dollar – and not pay some at all. $0.99 on Kindle.

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How to Budget & Manage Your Money

How to Budget & Manage Your Money
It is a simple personal finance book for beginners. You will learn how to make a realistic budget that actually works for you to reach your financial goals faster and to take control of your money.

It’s for anyone who struggles with saving or managing money. Start reading to kick debt to the curb, save for the future & pursue your financial dreams! $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Cash Machine: A Tale of Passion, Persistence, and Financial Independence

The Cash Machine: A Tale of Passion, Persistence, and Financial Independence

Can a novel transform your financial destiny?
This one can.
The Cash Machine is unlike any other personal finance book ever written. Not only will you get sucked into the rollercoaster relationship of Amber and Dylan, but you’ll learn hundreds of money lessons along the way, giving you the tools to drive your financial destiny. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips
Do you find yourself living from one paycheck to the next?

Are you looking for ways to make your money stretch further?

Are you looking for ways to save extra money on everything you do?

If you answered yes, then pick up Money Saving Tips and find some fantastic ideas to help you put more money in your pocket every month Every little bit helps, and it you follow even a few of these tips you will find you can save a lot of money each month. Add it all up at the end of a year, you might surprise yourself. $1.00 on Kindle.

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Why Are You Still a Slave

Why Are You Still a Slave

WAYSAS is one of the few books about money that does not tell you how to make it. What you will learn, is how to understand it! Then you will have as much of it as you want.

Anyone can write a book about how they made money in business, property or shares but the truth is, unless you understand money, these vehicles will never lead you to it. Reading books like this are akin to reading about how someone won the lotto. There are 1000 ways to wealth and only a few will suit you. The chances of you finding a plan to wealth, that works for you in a book are slim. So better than a plan to make money, you need to understand money and that is what I will teach you.

Learn what Stops 98% of people succeeding at anything. Why two people with the same capital, idea, and timing can go to the market and have very different outcomes. Why one man goes broke and why one retires rich!.

The fact is, making money is easy, You don’t need a magic formula, lots of capital, great intelligence, beauty or even more time. What you do need is enough Faith to start playing the wealthy peoples game. Faith to play a game by rules you don’t understand, on a field you have never been on when you can not even see the goal posts. Just knowing the rules to that game won’t help you, unless you start playing by them and so you will need faith.

You think you need to understand them to play BUT that is why you’re Poor!. You just have to play the money game by the rules until you start to profit, only then will you understand.

Turning the steering wheel of the car will not change its direction until the car starts moving. Just knowing the right way to go will not help and so this book is not about that, Its about how to get the car started and get your life moving in the right direction! $2.99 on Kindle.

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