Free: Unfaithful

Unfaithful The Leather Satchel

Amy and Kyle are soul mates. But the dark, lustful forces that have engulfed the world are preventing them from finding one another even though Kyle lives in the apartment just upstairs. The story unfolds to reveal the tools that Valtina will have to pull out of her magical leather satchel to restore the rightful lovers in to each others arms! Free on Kindle.

Free: “Valtina’s Redemption”

Free Valtinas Redemption

Ladaya has given Valtina a chance to redeem herself. The world is being taken over by the dark forces and couples are falling out of love. It is up to Valtina to bring romance back to those couples that need it the most. Armed with her leather satchel, Valtina enters Samantha and Joshua’s lives and help them spice up their marriage. Learn more.