The Billionaire’s Surprise Baby: College Nanny Romance

The Billionaire’s Surprise Baby: College Nanny Romance
Have you ever met someone and knew they were wrong for you, in every way?

I was finally getting the hang of college, working part-time as a yoga teacher when Joe Magella came into my life.
A divorced big city trader who turned his back on his billionaire lifestyle to come volunteer at our small college.
He offered me a job as a nanny for his son.

The money was great.
What could go wrong?
Only, everything!

My part-time job turned into a romance, which was fine until I fell pregnant.

Now, instead of assignments and exams, I had diapers and night-time feeding to plan for.
How would I ever cope with a baby, my studies, my yoga clients, not to mention a guy who was never supposed to be more than a fling?

Only one way to find out…
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The Wild One

The Wild One

Jasper Westbrook. Code name: Swoon Machine.My best friend’s older brother. Certified melter of ovaries. Professional destroyer of panties.

And now…sudden single dad. Guys like Jasper—I bet you know the type? The chiseled arms. The wavy hair. The melt-your-brain-cells smile. Good thing I’m a smart girl—Honey Hill’s former child prodigy, to be precise—I should know better than to fall for this playboy’s charm.

Here’s the problem, though. The man is an expert at solving my problems. And he always knows how to make me laugh. And those hands…Those big, rough mechanic hands…Oh, damn. What’s that I said about resisting his charm? Never mind. Right as our clothes are about to go flying, Jasper’s playboy ways catch up to him. And his life goes to hell in a picnic basket. Welp—should have seen that coming. What I didn’t expect was that Jasper would come to me for help. And that I would accept. Turns out this confirmed bachelor has had a hidden ‘paternal side’ all along. When he rocks his sweet daughter to sleep in those big, tattooed arms, ‘come to daddy’ takes on a whole new meaning.

Out of nowhere, he’s a completely different man. And I’m completely smitten. But we both know we can’t cross the line. There’s way too much at stake.

Yet, each stolen kiss ignites a wildfire. And each whispered confession leaves me craving more. Jasper may be the sudden single dad now. And I may be the reluctant nanny. But maybe he’s still a wild one, after all… The Wild One is a steamy, laugh-out-loud, best friend’s brother, single dad, and nanny small-town romance. It is set in small-town Iowa and is book two in the Wild Westbrooks series. $0.99 on Kindle.
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