Free: Jack Ryder Murder Mysteries Novellas Vol 1-3

Jack Ryder Murder Mysteries Novellas Vol 1-3

Becoming a consultant to the Miami Beach Crime Unit was the last thing retired Wall Street Executive and Best Selling crime author Jack Ryder wanted to do. But a murder in a South Beach condo coped directly his plot from his last novel. Forced to join Detective Logan in 3 unique murder cases. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Shots Fired

After going cold, a London murder case suddenly reignites when the weapon used is connected to murders in Glasgow and Belfast. DI Nash and DC Moretti investigate but find the world outside the big city a very different challenge. Nash will have to go out on a limb but will Moretti defend her? Free on Kindle.
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Free: The Dead Girl’s Stilettos

The Dead Girl’s Stilettos

After a Jane Doe is murdered in journalist Bexley Squires’s hometown, she’s hired by one of Hollywood’s brightest stars to clear his name as a suspect. But her skills as an amateur sleuth weren’t enough to find her missing sister. Does she have what it takes to find a killer?

When she returns to California, she discovers the elite seaside community of Papaya Springs has become more corrupt than she imagined. All too soon, she stumbles into a web of twisted games played by the rich and famous. Along with the detective in charge of the case, who also happens to be her high school crush, she’ll uncover a level of depravity unlike anything she’s ever known. Free on Kindle.
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The Courthouse Murder

The Courthouse Murder

In July 1949, an unpopular and deeply unpleasant man is stabbed in the courthouse of an English city. As the murder has been committed in a room to which the general public doesn’t have access, it seems probable that the culprit is someone involved with the business of the courts.

Suspects include a number of lawyers, police officers, and magistrates.

For various reasons, the local Chief Constable decides to ask Scotland Yard to investigate the murder.

Chief Inspector Philip Bryce and Sergeant Alex Haig are assigned to the case.

Theirs is a recent partnership, but the two men worked well together in another murder case a few weeks before. (See ‘The Bedroom Window Murder’.)
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Freeze Before Burning

Freeze Before Burning

What do a bartender, a priest, and a librarian have in common? They all work in New York City. They’re all true crime fans. And they’re all dead, courtesy of a predator with a chilling approach to murder. Sam Tate is in the Big Apple to find answers about her own tragic past when she is pulled onto the case of the Dry Ice Killer by a friend at NYPD. This may be her most dangerous case yet–if she survives.

$0.99 on Kindle.
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Brandon Hall Mysteries – Books 1 – 4

Brandon Hall Mysteries - Books 1 - 4
Brandon Hall is drawn back into his previous life as a private investigator with an explosive first case!
Murder at Cluster Springs Raceway –

Virginia Senator Gregory Schilling’s son died in a fiery crash on a racetrack. But was it an accident? Or murder?

Only Brandon Hall can figure this one out. But he’s still recovering from the death of his 2 year old son at the hands of a drunk driver. Will he learn to rely on God to get him through his grief while trying to find justice for a young race car driver?

The Dismal Swamp –

This mystery is pulled straight from today’s headlines! $0.99 on Kindle.
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Sahar’s Creation, The Monster Hiding Within

Sex, drugs, and a serial killer that takes his victims back to a cabin deep in the woods. What’s not to love?

Air Force Sergeant Evelyn “Mac” McGregor spends most of her time defending airmen who commit petty crimes. When she lands her first murder case, it appears to be an isolated incident—but the more she digs, the more bodies she finds.

She teams up with the handsome First Sergeant Gavin Hudson to have a better shot at catching the killer, but their relationship soon turns into something more.

When Mac’s career and personal life are sabotaged, she discovers that the killer will do anything to throw her off his scent. No one will believe her unless she can reveal the killer’s true identity. But that will prove an even more dangerous task than she expects. Will she be able to save the killer’s next victim and her career?

An unputdownable military thriller about a serial killer gone wild, Sahar’s Creation is the first book in the Mac McGregor series. If you like fast-paced suspense that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat and female leads that never rest, then you’ll love this book/series by author Julie Bergman.

Sahar’s Creation: The Monster Hiding Within, is book 1 in the Sergeant Evelyn McGregor (Mac) series for mature adults. It’s an adventure full of murder, military suspense, legal thriller with law enforcement and a touch of erotica to keep things exciting. In the Air Force legal system there is one woman who will stand up for what is right at any cost.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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