Mountain Men in Love

Mountain Men in Love
Mountain Man’s Virgin

He was gorgeous and rough around the edges. A Mountain Man.
Every moment that I spent with him, I grew more addicted.
Once I gave in to him, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to walk away.
Would he be worth the risk?
Could I walk away from this stunning mountain man?

Hot Mountain Daddy

The rugged mountain of a man drew me in even with the faults in his personality.
He was impatient and bossy.
The night we were supposed to go out for dinner we never left.
I fought it but one night we both gave into the attraction.
Could one trip to one of the most beautiful spots in Montana change all of that?

Mountain Man’s Little Sister

I felt like a coward running home to Mama.
I’d known him for years as my brother’s best friend, but it was nothing more than that.
He was big and warm…sexy as hell.
He exuded what I wanted from my husband even as I tried to fight it.
Would my husband want his claim in what was his?
Was I willing to risk my heart for a chance at real love? $0.99 on Kindle.

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