Free: Snow Angel

snow angel

As the new Chief of Police in his hometown of Hope Falls, Eric Maguire’s career is on the right track. Unfortunately, his personal life is not. His nights have been filled with meaningless and unfulfilling one night stands. Eric wants to more. When a sexy, mysterious neighbor moves next door, he knows exactly how much more.

Lily Sotelo has secrets that have caused her to be constantly be on the move. Never putting down roots. Never making any real connections. Her life depended on her remaining anonymous. But, that’s proving to be more challenging now that she’s moved to a small town and next door to the mouth-watering, sin-inspiring, chiseled-to-perfection Chief of Police who makes Lily want things she know she can’t have. Free on Kindle.

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Free: “My First”

My First Jason Katie by Melanie Shawn

Jason “Romeo” Sloan can have any girl he wants. Except one-Katie. Jason’s always been in love with Katie…even when she was his best friend’s girlfriend.

You never forget your first…and Jason was Katie’s first friend, first kiss, first everything. She’s always loved him, she just didn’t know it. Learn more.