Free: My Different Orient: A Memoir

Free: My Different Orient: A Memoir
When you see the world, the world sees you.

Dietmar Vogelmann left his country years ago and took a chance, starting a new life in Vietnam. Luckily, his experience in hotel management got him hired at a 5-star beach-side resort, but his initial impression was less than favorable. In fact, he wanted to leave as soon as he arrived.

But something made him stay. Maybe it was the friendly native population who welcomed him with open arms, or perhaps the endless business opportunities he could see in this small country brimming with potential. It took years, but Vietnam eventually lived up to its magical reputation and changed his life in more ways than one.

Through the success and failure of various business ventures, Dietmar learned how determination, a strong work ethic and the support of a loving family can overcome any challenge and desperation. My Different Orient exposes the good, the bad and the ugly side of a life abroad. Free on Kindle.

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