Free: Jewish Identity: A psychological study using Jewish sources

Jewish identity can be seen using the imagery of a three level structure: bottom, middle, and top. The psychodynamic school of psychology focused on the bottom level of the human soul through the “light” of instincts, impulses, and passions; the cognitive school focused on the middle level through the light of the intellect, consciousness, and thinking; and the top level with the upper light – the spiritualmoral dimension, on which this book focuses. The power of this light will enlighten the other levels and the entire structure. Therefore, the main purpose of this study is to identify the unique components of Jewish identity, those that form the top level – the spiritual realm – in the new structure, and to highlight a different aspect of this identity, in addition to the faces illuminated by the classical theories. This is a very fine book which elucidates basic theoretical concepts as well as practical issues. The author, professor Rafi Vaaknin has done a superb job in synthesizing Judaic principals and psychological knowledge. He uses his knowledge and understanding in creative ways which constitutes a major contribution to psychology and education. Professor Aharon Rabinowitz, Bar Ilan University. This book provides a significant contribution to contemporary Jewish education, clearly and scientifically presenting its main objectives and goals, while establishing an impeccable psychological basis. The book discusses the stages of human development from the “maternal experience” to the completion of adolescence, exploring the dimensions of Jewish identity by reviewing the various approaches prevalent today, while emphasizing parents’ responsibility in forming their children’s identity. Free on Kindle.
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