Free: The Blood of Jesus

The Blood of Jesus: Everything the Blood of Jesus Offers a Believer
You have heard the old hymn, “Nothing but the Blood?” Well now you can understand what that song means to its fullest. In Pastor Joey Bauer’s “The Blood of Jesus” you will learn about all the things that transpired, been done, and been done away with, because of the Blood of Jesus. Most Christians know the importance of Christ’ Blood, but few know the full revelation of its complete effect on one who places their Faith in Christ. In the very first part of this book we will read, and learn about the following:

How the Blood of Jesus claims healing on all who believe in him as Savior.
How the Blood of Jesus has washed, not just “Covered” our sins.
How the Blood of Jesus has in every “Theological,” and “Doctrinal” way possible, shown its supremacy over man’s opinions, dogma, and denominational barriers that cause division among us.
What the 2-Fold Definition of “Redeemed” is and how the Blood has done it for us, for all of eternity.
How to apply the Blood of Jesus in our lives to do the Work it was always meant to do, which is bless you with every promise written in the Book.
You will learn how literally “Everything” in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation is summed up, explained, and can be interpreted correctly through the lens of Christ shedding his Blood for all of mankind.

Finally, you will find the Rest, Security, Health, Faith, Knowledge, Wisdom, Power, Assurance, and Anointing needed in life, all wrapped up into one (Can I say Powerful?) book, all produced by the Blood of Jesus. This book even tells you the “Not-So-Hidden (But Overlooked)” secret to gain access to these promises! “The Blood of Jesus” is an investment into your Spiritual Journey, and a Blessed Life. Get the best investment for your future today! Free on Kindle.

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