Free: Wild Irish Heart

Wild Irish Heart
An ancient book, a power untouched, and a heart unloved lead Keelin O’Brien from Boston to a small village on the coast of Ireland. Determined to unearth the secrets lying hidden in the cove, Keelin has little time for a surly Irishman who haunts her dreams. Free on Kindle.

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Free: Wild Irish Roots (Romance)

Wild Irish Roots
Margaret O’Brien’s life is about to change forever.

Growing up in the small town of Grace’s Cove, Margaret never knew that she was different. She didn’t understand why people were unnerved by her ability to see what others could not. When her mother explains that she is special, gifted, her world shifts forever. Desperately wanting to be normal, Margaret is determined to seal that part of herself away. It seems as though she might succeed – until Sean Burke steps into her life.

Sean is an apprentice on a fishing boat and is pursuing his dream of running his own fishing business. Tales of the fish pulled from the rumored-to-be-enchanted cove are legendary across Ireland, and Sean is determined to learn its secrets. What he doesn’t expect is to be blindsided by his love for Margaret.

Helpless to stop loving Sean, but unable to confess to her shameful secret, Margaret must face the truth about herself – or run away from it forever.

From New York Times Bestselling author, Tricia O’Malley, comes a new romance series set on the rocky shores of Ireland. Free on Kindle.

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