Hallowed Ground

Hallowed Ground

Some say there are no secrets in a small town, that they just stay dormant, lying in wait for the right messenger. When journalist Cassandra Bell moved to the town of Brookville in upstate New York, she thought she was leaving the madness of the big city behind, but what she found instead was madness of a different kind. The people of Brookville, once ordinary and predictable seem to change personalities overnight. Their behavior is accompanied by a series of strange events – lost time, hallucinations, and memories of a past with which they are unfamiliar. Cassandra had heard of haunted houses, but could it happen to an entire town? She will need to use her wits and her training to uncover the long-buried secret behind the mystery. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Ghosted: The Treason House Trilogy Book 1

Ghosted:The Treason House Trilogy Book 1
Yes, I fell for a ghost but hear me out, this one is definitely not Casper. He’s Knight – a Victorian hottie with jade green eyes and wavy chestnut hair. He’s smart and sexy and best of all interested in my being a journalist. He’s cool with my success unlike guys of my century. He even thinks I’m alluring even though I’m just an average looking chick with a fondness for hoodies and well worn jeans.
We met at the Jersey shore’s most haunted residence, Treason House one night. There are other ghosts there too, like the psycho pirate that keeps taunting me and the Colonial traitor who turns out to be a loyal patriot. To be honest hanging out with the long dead is better than being with my still breathing family of weirdos and channelers..

Knight and I do have our ups and downs. Our relationship has hit a few speed bumps, especially when I uncovered that 300 year old murder mystery and wrote about it. Knight definitely did not like the publicity that brought. However making up with this sexy spirit was worth the arguing.
The ending is a surprise – trust me – and a lead in to the second book Spirited where all sorts of passion and mayhem occur.
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809 Jacob Street

809 jacob street

Fourteen year old Byron James wishes he’d never been dragged to Parkton. It’s a crazy sideshow of a town in the middle of nowhere. To make matters worse, his two new friends – his only friends – turn out to be class rejects with an unhealthy interest in monsters. All they want to do is explore the infamous monster house at number 809 Jacob Street.

“809 Jacob Street” won the 2013 Australian Shadows Award for Best Horror Novel, and was nominated a Notable Indie Book of 2013. $0.99 on Kindle.

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