Free: Who Controls America?

Free: Who Controls America?
Who creates economic depressions and recessions? Why was Thomas Jefferson afraid of banks? Who advises our leaders to go to war? Why does our government secretly want an uneducated populace? Can the Swamp be drained?

In this stunning new book, author Mark Mullen pulls back the curtain on a few private groups who control every aspect of American life. They decide what we think, what we are taught, what we are paid for our work, how much debt we carry, when and where we go to war, and who wins political office. All of this and more are staged by men and women we have never heard of. Who Controls America unearths the secret games of exploitation and illuminates how banks and private institutions create situations that bring about economic depression, war, and poverty. American politics, the economy, educational system, and foreign policies are controlled by small groups, and they don’t work for the interests of the everyday citizen.

Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review calls Who Controls America “a political, social and economic history of the often-hidden influencers on American political processes.” Mullen reveals secret partnerships created by privileged ideologues designed to take hostage the American Dream. He shares a contemptuous view of these counterculture groups that hold back America’s middle class.

Can these elite swamp dwellers be stopped? Readers who have an interest in the future of America will appreciate the actionable sanctions that can give control of our country back to the masses, the American people where it belongs. Free on Kindle.

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