Free: Rich Me Poor Me

Rich Me Poor Me
In this book, you will explore the powerful connection between your mindset and habits and how they can determine your financial future. You will learn the secrets of the world’s most successful individuals and how they have managed to create wealth and abundance in their lives. You will identify the limiting beliefs and habits that may be holding you back from achieving financial freedom. You will also discover how to make the right decisions and develop the habits that will lead you towards financial success. Free on Kindle.
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Independent Financial Freedom for Women

Independent Financial Freedom for Women
Are you a single woman trying to figure out your personal finances? You’re trying to balance living in the moment, while also planning for the future, and you can’t seem to figure out how to manage your money? Let Mandi Mullens teach you all about becoming financially free. $0.99 on Kindle.
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You’re The Author!

You're The Author!

The Wealthful Adventures series inspires mental and financial freedom. These books are a means of liberation through the teaching of life skills that traditional education often fails to acknowledge. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Faster Safer Wealthier: Skip the Start-up and Buy a Stable Business to Build Intergenerational Wealth

Faster Safer Wealthier: Skip the Start-up and Buy a Stable Business to Build Intergenerational Wealth

High-risk entrepreneurship is a tough route to a rich life and financial freedom. Start-up stress, like relying on a once-in-a-lifetime innovation or setting out on a one-track objective of billionaire status, results in detours and setbacks rather than the financial rewards you desire.

Not all businesses are high-risk endeavours though. Substantial, lasting wealth can be built in the space between broke and billionaire—when you reframe your idea of business ownership.

Skip the risky start-up and walk straight into an already cash-flowing company to create and retain wealth! Dr. Gregory Bott’s structured framework for small business acquisition will mitigate risk, accelerate wealth accumulation, and elevate your business for profitable growth. With this step-by-step guide for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs, you can start on a steady path of incremental gains as a rightful business owner—for safer financial success that lasts generations. $0.99 on Kindle.
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A Private Conversation with Money

A Private Conversation with Money

Many people repeat the same struggles with money because of subconscious beliefs, cultural norms, and internal ethical conflicts. This book invites the reader to a healthy relationship with money and wealth.

Joe, a journalist, has a series of provoking conversations with the personality of “Money” that challenge his self-destructive actions. Money invites him to clarify how he looks at the world by reframing his knowledge, behaviors, beliefs, and even how he sees himself. Joe challenges each precept to bring clarity to the reader. The result is an experience that serves not only Joe but those in his world.

“A Private Conversations with Money” also features engaging real-world exercises that invite you, the reader, to follow along with Joe as he unlocks a new rapport with his money.

You will:
– Discover what is blocking your happiness,
– Create new goals that support your values.
– Deliver value that expands your own financial success and freedom.

By knocking down these walls, you’ll go through your own journey of inner healing, paving the way for financial success and true wealth.
$2.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Understand Money: Your First Step to Financial Freedom (And Not Eating Cat Food in Retirement)

Understand Money: Your First Step to Financial Freedom (And Not Eating Cat Food in Retirement)
Isn’t it time you stopped worrying about money and learned to Think Wealthy? Explore the first of a 6-step process that leads to financial independence with debt-free dad and author Todd Havens as he shares the only money talk you’ll ever need to hear.

Because the rules to financial independence are really pretty simple and only need to be learned ONCE.

Do you know what financial freedom feels like? You can breathe. And exhale with no financial stress hanging over your head. And you can think clearly and live your life as YOU want.

A personal finance classic that provides the timeless financial advice that creates millionaires, Understand Money: Your First Step to Financial Freedom will show you:

• The 5 Things Wealthy People Already Know about Money and Teach Their Kids
• What Money Is REALLY For (Beyond Spending)
• The Only Thing That Money Truly Loves in the World
• Whether Money Really Does Equal Happiness
• Money’s Two Main Enemies to Avoid
• How to Use The Money Dam™ to Set Your Financial Goals and Track Your Progress Using Just One Number
• Bonus: The Million Dollars Game
• And more!

Retire rich and spend it all. Or create lasting wealth for your family as a first-generation millionaire. Or simply get a good night’s sleep because you are finally in control of your finances.

The choice is yours when you “get” the simple rules of money and start to Think Wealthy. Free on Kindle.

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