The Spider Terror

The Spider Terror
An action-packed fantasy adventure featuring both classic elements and entirely new heights of imagination.

Dell Storm, a foreign swordsman, has arrived to seek his fortune in the City of the Assassins. He soon receives a job offer he cannot resist, when a mysterious Priestess sends him on a journey to solve a frightening mystery. Dell and his new companions must find their way to uncover and defeat a terrifying threat before it is too late for everyone in the lands of Tamerlinde.

Their eventual destination will be a place known to many only from old stories and legends, and during his travels Dell will learn that many other myths can also have all too real truths behind them. He will also understand, in more ways than one, what effects great power can have on its wielder and other people.

“The Spider Terror” is a work of imaginative fantasy, which combines elements from classics of the genre and real-world mythology with modern elements such as exciting fight scenes and philosophical issues of morality and humanity. $2.99 on Kindle.

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