How Probate Works

How Probate Works
What every executor and heir needs to know. This easy-to-read guide answers all the questions every executor and heir should ask: Who starts the probate process? When is probate needed? And when can you avoid probate? Where should you probate an estate? Which country? State? County? How long does probate take? And more! $0.99 on Kindle.

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How to Hire an Executor

How to Hire an Executor
Did you know you can hire a professional executor, instead of burdening some unlucky member of your family? This easy-to-read guide answers all your questions about hiring an executor:

What Is an Executor?
What are the Executor’s responsibilities, powers, and duties?
What’s the difference between Executors and Trustees?
Who Is usually the Executor?
What happens when you have a suboptimal Executor?
What is a Professional Executor?
When does hiring a Professional Executor makes sense?
How to choose your Professional Executor?
How are Executor fees are calculated?
When is the Executor paid?
Are there fees for naming a Professional Executor in my will?
My mother named me the executor in her will, but I’d rather hire a professional executor. Is that allowed? (Yes!) $0.99 on Kindle.

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