How to Hire an Executor

How to Hire an Executor
Did you know you can hire a professional executor, instead of burdening some unlucky member of your family? This easy-to-read guide answers all your questions about hiring an executor:

What Is an Executor?
What are the Executor’s responsibilities, powers, and duties?
What’s the difference between Executors and Trustees?
Who Is usually the Executor?
What happens when you have a suboptimal Executor?
What is a Professional Executor?
When does hiring a Professional Executor makes sense?
How to choose your Professional Executor?
How are Executor fees are calculated?
When is the Executor paid?
Are there fees for naming a Professional Executor in my will?
My mother named me the executor in her will, but I’d rather hire a professional executor. Is that allowed? (Yes!) $0.99 on Kindle.

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