Understanding Your Dog: 15 Lessons to Understand and Bond With Your Dog

Understanding your dog: 15 lessons to understand and bond with your dog
Are you an extremely dog lover person but sometimes you feel like your dog does not understand you at all and you end up trying to manage bad behaviours just by yelling at him?

Don’t panic! There’s a solution.

Having a dog can be one of the most wonderful experiences in the world, and a dog can actually be an amazing companion. A dog will love you unconditionally, so why not take our time and do our best to understand them? Understanding what your dog wants and needs is important in order to have a good relationship with them instead of yelling at them all the time and making them fear you. That’s not what we want!

I have dealt with all kinds of dogs over the years and I want to share my knowledge with you so you can improve your relationship with your doggo!

In Understanding Your Dog we’ll be going over important subjects such as:

Understanding your dog for effective training
Useful tips to bond with your four-legged friend
Managing a behaviour before it becomes a problem
Tips professional dog trainers use
Teaching your dog social skills
And many more!
Understanding Your Dog goes beyond dog training and contains information not found in dog training books. Save yourself time and energy by following all of the tips, tricks and advice you’ll find within. Gain meaningful knowledge in the easy-to-follow chapters by using this book as a reference for any of the obstacles you might find yourself facing along the way.

Join thousands of others who have taken the leap towards a better relationship with their furry friend.

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Chasing the Blue Sky

Chasing the Blue Sky
Behind every pair of eyes that view this world through a tapestry of worn fences and shadowy, concrete kennels lives a rich and vibrant story. This is one.

In the oppressive heat of a Clay County summer, a chained dog gives birth to a spirited, black puppy named Toby. Taken from his mother’s side at just a few weeks old, Toby soon discovers the love of an adoring family. But just as quickly, he finds himself fighting to survive in the unforgiving world of the county animal shelter.

But he’s not alone – a motley cast of homeless dogs and a devoted pair of shelter workers will give anything to make sure Toby makes it out alive. $3.99 on Kindle.

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