Bloodreign I

Bloodreign I

From the moment I meet Arik, nothing is ever the same again…and things go from bad to worse. Looking for romance? You won’t find it here – more like obsessive lust. I almost wish I’d never met him, although I have to admit — he’s hot! Turns out being loved by a supernatural being isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. My world is dark now…because it’s filled with wicked and sinful people who are constantly at each other’s throats…literally. They’re probably not the kind of people you want to have over for dinner. In fact, they’re not even people at all… Bloodreign I is the explicit, erotically charged first volume of a new contemporary fantasy trilogy, chronicling a young woman’s unwilling immersion into the shadowy realm of beings who have been operating secretly in our midst for centuries. Their passion knows no bounds, their savagery no end — for when you are all powerful, who can stop you? $1.99 on Kindle.

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Horror: Dark Angel


Rachael was murdered 600 years ago. Lost in the void, she creates a form for herself from energy created by passion. Now she walks London seeking passion to continue her existence. Angels try to save her, demons want to possess her. She walks a lonely path but demons have plans.

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