Free: Ungoverned

Free: Ungoverned
A sadistic child-sex trafficker orders a hit when two Houston Police Department Inspectors find a dead girl.

Meeting with Lukas Zimmerman, the man responsible for finding the hitter, Chloe–a ruthless contract killer, is offered the job, but violently declines it when she discovers that one of the marks is Henry, a man who’s life she values more than her own. While zigzagging across the city of Houston, leaving bodies in her wake, Chloe learns that a monster–who she called, Uncle–has come back after twenty years in hiding.

Only Chloe possesses the brutal and cold-blooded skillset to deal with the monster and cadre of maniacs out to kill her and Henry.

Can she act fast enough to save this man she loves so dearly? Free on Kindle.

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