Free: Brain-Ding The Strategy

Brain-Ding The Strategy
This book is not only a theoretical study of branding, but also a collection of experiences the author offers us as a practical guide to survive in a market that is getting more and more competitive. In this short read, he narrates everything from his story to the most recent and successful formulas of this unceasing activity, searching for ways to go beyond the technical definition of branding and what it includes to get to a new level – BRAIN-DING. On this level the magic happens, it’s where multi-dimensional emotional relationships are built between the brand and its customers.

If you already have a brand, if you have ideas in mind, or if you don’t have any idea about brands at all, this book is for you. It is a simple window to the vast world of brands, branding and BRAIN-DING. It’s all about offering a practical overview and showing real-life examples to make it easier to relate to and help you in the creation of the marketing plan of your business and positioning of your brand. This book is also an open talk with the author, where he brings out his experiences and outlook, which led him to the development of the concept of BRAIN-DING as the ultimate strategy. Free on Kindle.

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