Wreathed (Romantic Comedy)

Wendy Jarrett just met Adam, the man of her dreams. He’s dark, tall, unattached, and gainfully employed. There’s only one problem. Or maybe two.

First is Adam’s crazy uncle Sheldon, who just happens to be the ex-husband of Wendy’s mother, and who just happens to be dead. Wendy meets Adam for the first time at the funeral, and feels a sudden spark of attraction towards him. After the funeral, Adam invites Wendy to join him at the wake, and they bond while they load Uncle Sheldon’s worldly possessions onto a U-Haul.

But before Adam and Wendy can even make their first date, Uncle Sheldon’s lawyer appears with a will that gives his entire estate–complete with a Victorian beach house–to Wendy’s mother. The dispute over the beach house drives a wedge in Adam and Wendy’s relationship, and she is forced to break things off with him after Adam files a lawsuit to contest the will.

On the outside, the beach house looks ordinary, even ugly. But Wendy discovers a secret–the inside of the house has been cleaned up and professionally restored. But the house holds another secret, and it’s the key to restoring Wendy’s relationship with Adam, and to resolving an old family mystery.

WREATHED is an adult humorous contemporary romance about life, love, and the perfect beach house.

“Hidden in the mayhem and madness along the way, are tender love lessons worth treasuring. An unusual romantic comedy – enjoyable to the surprising end. “– Goodreads

“If I could give it more than five stars, I would—and I have never said that about any book before.” – Goodreads

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