SECRET KNIGHT (Arthurian Saga Series)

SECRET KNIGHT: Conspiracy - Betrayal - Entrapment - Rebellion - Justice: Arthurian Saga Series
After Guinevere’s death, Camelot has become a sad and quiet place. King Arthur never shows his face in public anymore. The golden age of chivalry has ended. The Order of the Round Table was broken up, its gallant youth dead or have moved on. Shining Armors and beautiful horses are hardly ever seen anymore in Camelot until one day when the first proper knight comes to town. His appearance stirs great excitement in Eric, a young working lad, who often daydreams about knights and the good old days of Camelot. When he overhears the stranger plotting to kill King Arthur he becomes greatly distressed. When he tries to warn the King, nobody takes him serious so he takes the matter into his hands. Eric risks his life to save the kingdom and warn the King. During his quest, Merlin reveals a secret regarding Lancelot which will change everything. Can Eric restore Camelot to its former glory and save the King and save Camelot? $0.99 on Kindle.

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