Free: Thick as Thieves: A Cozy Mystery with a Twist

Thick as Thieves: A Cozy Mystery with a Twist

Amish twin sisters find their quiet lives suddenly turned into chaos when the sheriff of their small town is found murdered behind their family’s hardware store. Known as the wise women among the community, the twin amateur investigators soon question if they are in over their heads as they race to solve the mystery and clear their family’s name. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Amish Secrets

Amish Secrets
Have you ever kept a secret that NO one could know? In the Amish Secrets series you’ll meet Hannah, Joseph, Candace, Lillianna, Salome, Rosanna, and Elam. Each of these characters carry a secret so dear that if it were disclosed to those around them, it could spell the end of life as they know it…but God… Free to $4.99 on Kindle.

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Series includes:
An Unforgivable Secret
A Secret Encounter
A Secret Christmas
A Secret of the Heart
An Undeniable Secret
A Secret Sacrifice
A Secret of the Soul

Free: The Amish Arrangement

Free: The Amish Arrangement

Independence was thrust upon Michelle Raber, an Amish woman from Pennsylvania, when she finally decided to take control of her life and leave an abusive life behind. Now miles away from home and family she finally managed to start over. Running her own bakery, Pearls and Swirls, she needs nothing more, especially romance. But when Eva Lapp pays her an unexpected visit with a surprising request her life is turned upside down. Required to be Eva’s grandson Daniel’s pretend-girlfriend, she’s conflicted by the sudden rush of feelings that develop towards him, but the lie is suffocating her. Daniel, a handsome Amish bachelor who keeps to himself has no interest in marriage or romance after the death of his father Jacob, a year after his mother Rachel passed away. But Bishop Fischer has other plans. Daniel is to ask his daughter Grace for her hand by Christmas, whether he likes it or not. Opposed to the idea, he goes along with his grandmother’s plan only to realize that he’s falling for Michelle Raber.
Neither of the two are particularly fond of Christmas… until now. Free on Kindle.

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