Free: How To Break Up With Alcohol and Not Stay Friends: A Nine Step Guide To Leaving That Fu*king Drama Behind

How To Break Up With Alcohol and Not Stay Friends: A Nine Step Guide To Leaving That Fu*king Drama Behind
Has alcohol turned into a stage five clinger?

Has your relationship begun taking a toll on your physical and mental health? Is it affecting your finances? Stirring up drama between you, your family, and your friends?

How To Break Up With Alcohol and Not Stay Friends incorporates my personal story into a nine-step breakup guide. This book will help all drinkers, from casual to committed, find clarity and freedom from alcohol’s drama, manipulation, and control. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Cheat Play Live

Cheat Play Live

When grief, an unhappy marriage, a stressful job and alcohol addiction come together in a perfect storm, Lisa doesn’t realise that love and happiness lie waiting for her on a Goan beach.

Grieving for the loss of her parents and managing a stressful job in publishing, she begins to depend on alcohol to numb her pain and it steers her life in unexpected ways. After leaving her husband she dates married men, younger men and men her own age, but she can’t find the happiness and freedom she is looking for. In India, she discovers yoga, a sober life and a tribe of inspirational women who show her a new path to independence, breaking the lock on the secret she’s been keeping inside her since she was a little girl. As she learns to love herself, she is surprised to find that there is someone else that loves her too. Free on Kindle.

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Finding Your Sober Bubble

Finding Your Sober Bubble
An insight, a success story and a guide to changing your relationship with alcohol, Darren looks back through hidden emotions and life’s circumstances to understand why he binge drank. His account demonstrates with humour, the power of persistence when achieving goals, and includes NLP techniques. Written in his own unique style, this book is real, supportive and in no way condescending. $0.99 on Kindle
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Escape Route

Escape Route
Jen Crawley’s first official introduction to alcohol was in the womb. From that very moment, alcohol has played an integral role in her life. Bearing witness to an abusive alcoholic dad, navigating the challenges of young adulthood with a developing alcohol addiction, and finally finding the courage to break free from the shackles herself, Jen’s story will undoubtedly grip you. Jen Crawley’s recovery story will find a way into your head, heart, and soul. Included is a #Project Sober guide that provides suggestions and guidance on “what to do” with your time, while getting sober so as to avoid depression, boredom, and the doldrums. This book is bound to both captivate and inspire you. $9.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Alcoholic Control: How to Stop Drinking & Change Your Life

Free: Alcoholic Control: How to Stop Drinking & Change Your Life

Ever wondered whether your drinking has become a problem? Maybe you used to have a drink to wind down on a Friday evening, but now you don’t stop until you’ve finished the bottle? Perhaps your weekends are increasingly unproductive because you’re—well, wasted?

Get help, before your relationships start to suffer.

Our easy guide will help you to understand how addiction works, find out whether you are addicted to alcohol, and adopt a healthier approach to drinking.

You will discover:

  • Traditional and cutting-edge ways to overcome alcohol addiction
  • Pharmacological and natural treatments
  • The role of therapists and other professionals
  • How you can help individuals addicted to alcohol
  • How to deal with those at risk of suicide because of alcohol addiction
  • The role of family and friends
  • How to determine whether you have an addiction
  • Mindfulness techniques to deal with pressure situations
  • How to avoid trigger situations
  • If you are addicted, why your addiction may have developed
  • The range of emotions associated with alcohol addiction
  • How to reduce the dominance of alcohol in your life
  • Why drinking is a habit that can be broken
  • Which organizations really help
  • How to avoid relapses
  • The differences and similarities between alcohol addiction and addiction to narcotics
  • How stress and anxiety respond to alcohol. Free on Kindle.

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