Free: Rev’s Odyssey

Rev's OdysseyAn action adventure fantasy, Rev’s Odyssey follows the epic journey of a brave young girl raised in an undersea city. When a ruthless invader pollutes her world, Rev travels to a strange planet hoping to rescue her missing mother and find the solution to save her world from extinction. In doing so she risks never returning to her own planet. With Razor, the evil attacker hot on her heels, Rev must be braver and smarter than ever before to stay alive. Free on Kindle.
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Harbinger of Justice: The Saga of Kel’Atar Malavir, The Icarri Elf Book 1

Harbinger of Justice: The Saga of Kel'Atar Malavir, The Icarri Elf Book 1
When orcs threatened the long-lasting peace across the realm, many looked to the reclusive Icarri elves for aid, but found they had turned their backs on them.

That is, all but a few. Now the Icarri elf Kel’Atar Malavir and his companions must try and halt the orc advance, lest the entire realm fall to the gruesome and relentless orc horde. $0.99 on Kindle.

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