Woman of Fire

Woman of Fire
Rese Wyatt had no idea what lurked within the crumbling walls of the ancient Troll Crypt.
Eighteen year old apprentice to the King’s personal historian, the boy had been warned to do nothing but pick up the fallen manuscripts left behind. However, when he trips and falls through the old crumbling rock, he lands right in the middle of an ancient burial ground.
Fifty years ago, when King Elyot first began his reign over Thade, his first matter of business had been to exile an entire household of mages. Little did the citizens of Thade know that the family’s banishment was not simply to different lands, but to their death. Buried alive where no one should ever stumble across their deep graves, an entire clan of magic bearers perished.
All except for one that is.
Lyria was only sixteen when she and her entire family were persecuted mercilessly. Somehow, she managed to survive in their tomb thanks to the magic Elyot was so eager to be rid of. Frozen inside the crypt, she did not age a single day over the course of her fifty year imprisonment.
When Rese accidentally frees the young mage, she has one thing on her mind – revenge.
Lyria has had fifty years’ worth of pent up rage and hellish scorn, and poor Rese was the unfortunate one to stumble across her
Now, Rese finds himself between the angry wrath of a wild mage and the bloody past of his King, who’s beloved by all in Thade.
Which side will the apprentice take? Whose life will be changed forever?  $2.99 on Kindle.

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