Deprived of his legacy.

One boy must cross the galaxy to save the father he never knew…

Petrick longs for a life outside his backwater orphanage. In his parentless prison, even talking with his friends about the science that spurred space travel and colonization is forbidden. When Petrick sleeps at night and dreams, he envisions lessons from the most famous scientist of the fringe worlds: his father.

On one fateful night, the lessons turn into cries for help, and it’s up to Petrick, his dog, and his friends to escape and find his father. But the worlds beyond their home planet are more treacherous than they ever could have imagined. On their quest, they encounter space pirates, advanced androids, and growing unrest that could tear the galaxy apart.

As he moves closer to finding his father, revelations arise that could put the entire journey in jeopardy. The success of his quest may lie in discovering that blood isn’t the only thing that determines your family…

Starstuff is an epic space opera perfect for readers of any age. If you like imaginative new worlds, plucky heroes, and adventures of galactic proportions, then you’ll love Ira Heinichen’s action-packed tale. $0.99 on Kindle.

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