Garland of Pleasures

Garland of Pleasures
As part of a prison work program, Tack designs interactive virtual sex games. In a scant three years he has developed a reputation as a “span master” whose imagination can always bridge between two lusting organic life-forms in a coupling of wild ecstasy. That’s how the warden advertises his services on a galactic billboard. Although his contact with clients is always on-screen, no matter who the client is, or how far away, Tack has yet to design a virtual sex fantasy that fails to please humanoid pleasure seekers. Whether it’s the perverted and deranged, or desperate and desiring, he has to please them all, because a single failure would see his warden sending a signal to his collar shackle that would blow his head off.

Tack was born in a refugee compound, sold into slavery as a child at a federal auction & spent twenty years serving a syndicate of gangsters who set him up. He was then was charged with piracy and incarcerated in a federal prison where he is unhappily but safely serving his sentence—until one day he receives a live visitor.

She is Sayal, a gorgeous young girl from a backwoods colony. The moment she walks into his prison cell, Tack is seized with a horrible foreboding that, unlike his prison sentence, his luck has just run out. $0.99 on Kindle.

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