Free: Lu, the Little Ladybug that Was Afraid to Fly

Lu, the Little Ladybug that Was Afraid to Fly
Lu loves her life on a white daisy. But she has a secret: Lu never flew before. One day, a strong gust of wind throws her into an amazing adventure. Will Lu get brave enough to finally open her wings and sore through the air? The story invites a small reader to embrace an unbelievable flying challenge with Lu, to discover a hidden world of bugs, stunning nature, and the art of being brave.

This book supports a child’s nature discoveries and love to bugs and nature. Beautiful illustrations and simple language grow early literacy and a sense of beauty. It will be a great addition to different natures and unit studies (especially about bugs), nature walks, and storytimes. This book may be especially useful for families who practice Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, Reggio philosophies or unschooling/homeschooling, and for all small and big book lovers. Free on Kindle.

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Author: Yuliya Barannikova