Falling For Your Madness

What would you do if the tall, formal, handsome, mannerly Literature professor with the fake English accent and proposed to you that you should meet for tea? Then, while he was riding in black car driven by an elderly midget he sat on his hands and recited “Charge of the Light Brigade”, what would you say then? Then, what if he said that if this relationship was to move forward, from friends to sweethearts, and then from sweethearts to fiancees, only YOU could say the word? Only you were in control? And then he never called, never came into your apartment and never acted like any boyfriend you ever had before — he was respectful, polite and chivalrous. Would you say, “yes” and move that relationship forward? Or would you think he was completely mad? Laura has to choose — will she fall for David’s madness or release him forever. $0.99 on Kindle.
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