Face It & Fix It: How to Avoid Disaster and Turn Around Your Small Business

Face It & Fix It: How to Avoid Disaster and Turn Around Your Small Business
“Face It & Fix It is the shot in the arm that every owner of a struggling business needs.” – T. Harv Eker, #1 NYT & International Bestselling author of the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Half of all new businesses in the US and UK fail within five years. They fail for various reasons, but the main issue is that business owners either don’t face up to their problems at all or when they do, it’s too late. Running away from problems is a race that struggling businesses never win.

According to leading business growth expert and coach Mac Attram, it is always best to face problems when you are at your strongest and when your problems are at their weakest. That’s where Face It & Fix It comes in.

Face It & Fix It is a must-read book for owners of struggling small businesses; those who don’t have a moment to lose before disaster strikes and their business is lost.

Mac made many mistakes when he first started in business, as many entrepreneurs do. Things changed when he took his head out of the sand, faced up to reality and, in a systematic, ingenious and determined way, set about fixing the problems.

Face It & Fix It is a hard-hitting and easy-to-understand handbook that explains how any small business can be transformed into a success. Readers will learn:

–Why struggling small business owners need to finally face reality and the problems that must be solved.
–The 43 problems that research shows are guaranteed to lead to business failure if left unresolved. These all fit into one of the following categories: personal behavior, internal processes, external factors, or financial challenges.
–Seven inspiring, real-life business turnaround stories.
–The Fix-It Formula that Mac used to save his own business and that he now uses with his own clients as a turnaround consultant.

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Author: Mac Attram