Dracas: Dragon Province (Book 1)

Dracas: Dragon Province (Book 1)
Draca, a person blessed with the power of one of the seven Dragons before birth. Though their powers remain dormant and require tremendous training in order to ready their mind and body to unlock the slumbering power.

Ethan, a man unknowingly made a Draca before birth, was blessed, not out of being chosen for duty, but to save his life. The Dragon who blessed him, Luciana, is forced to send the Draca, Sam, to gather and train Ethan.

Their method for training Ethan is creating a small realm based on a world from one of Ethan’s video games. Not a one-for-one recreation, but still gives Ethan’s enough knowledge to give the inexperienced Draca a small edge in the adventure ahead.

However, the adventure soon turns dangerous from a simple, unexpected meeting between Ethan and a mute traveler, Husky. While

Husky is far more capable than Ethan, Husky proving himself to be a valuable asset to Ethan thanks to his experience, a malevolent shadow that follows Husky wherever he goes puts Ethan’s life in grave danger. $0.99 on Kindle.

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