Diamond Soldiers

Diamond Soldiers
Soldiers in action, a steamy night that left her completely satisfied but felt like a fantasy.

Was I dreaming? Dalton was the one that got away.
I would give anything to be with him. One time would satisfy the itch.
Now he is dead.
Brent had me on a short leash. I’m about to marry him to keep my secret safe.
I knew they would be coming for their diamonds, and we had them.
My military training kept me alive.

God, I wanted her! The facts were hard to ignore. The love I had was hidden for a reason.
I thought it was over. Our secret past had started to unravel.
That crazy night in Guam. We had to take the diamonds. Now we had to pay the price.
Could I keep her away from the line of fire? But how? She thought I was dead. $0.99 on Kindle.

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