CREATIONS of GOD – Inspirational quotations, prayers, and photographs

CREATIONS of GOD – inspirational quotations, prayers, and photographs (The Art of God’s Creation Series Book 2)
Sense His presence! Connie Bryson compiled her original quotations, prayers, and photographs to present a book of admiration toward the Creator. Her book is beautifully illustrated with photographs that she had taken on her travels. They include images of North Carolina, California, and Europe.

Walk through this book with this author step by step, and enter into the glory of God’s amazing handiwork. You will be inspired to draw closer to your Master by meditating on the trees, rivers, mountains, oceans, and cityscapes this book illustrates so clearly.

CREATIONS of GOD: inspirational quotations, prayers, and photographs will refresh your spirit, draw you closer to His presence, and enlighten your eyes to His magnificence. The quotations will inspire you to go deeper with God. As you take time to muse on each one, God’s supernatural love will encompass you. $0.99 on Kindle.

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