Free: Pineapple Slice

Pineapple Slice

Vida Montgomery thought she had everything – a successful career, financial stability, and an unshakable sense of independence. But when her sister Lila arrives on her doorstep in a whirlwind of chaos, Vida’s carefully crafted world is turned upside down.

With Lila’s marriage in shambles, Vida sets off on a journey to the islands, hoping the idyllic setting will bring peace and healing to her sister’s troubled heart. Little does she know that fate has other plans in store.

As she boards the flight to the Aloha State, Vida meets Kai, a charismatic and mysterious flight attendant who awakens a spark within her that transcends physical desire. Their chemistry is undeniable and leads Vida through uncharted territories of connection and self-discovery.

Vida struggles to navigate the intricacies of seeking out love after a lengthy marriage, all while facing her deep-seated insecurities stemming from past experiences. Is she truly prepared for a relationship beyond casual hookups? Could Kai be the person who helps her break down her walls? Free on Kindle.
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