The end-of-the-world adventure returns! Pick up where Ruin left off with Brink, part II of the epic Ruin Saga. This post-apocalyptic trilogy is the ideal buy for any die-hard apocalypse fan.

Earth has been almost silent for forty years. The apocalypse left behind only fragments of civilisation, surrounded by a sea of barbarism.
But now the true End is in sight: the horizon is alight with burning villages, two cities lie in the shadow of an army gathering in the North, intent on ending the old world forever. And somewhere, a supernatural force is on the move, pushing its servants into place: a young girl with special powers, and a man whose destiny might decide the fate of all.
While ominous swarms of pigeons plague the sky, the world grows quieter, and dark forgotten secrets are revealed – secrets of betrayal, love, and obsession – the army in the North prepares to leave.

The epic Ruin Saga continues… $3.99 on Kindle.
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