When Your Relationship Changes

When Your Relationship Changes
We live in a time when romantic relationships often change, partly because we are not as bound to them by necessity as were our ancestors.

But how do you get through the disruption, pain, and fear of the unknown when you’ve relied on a relationship to anchor and define you? How do you cope with gender differences that make women’s needs so different from men’s?

Psychologist Dr. Kathryn Foster guides you into discovering serenity and feeling good about your new life. She compassionately addresses those who know their relationship is changing or ending. Using both rich anecdotal material from her private practice and fascinating research studies, she guides you through change. The book, with pictures for meditation, encourages reflection and exploration, helping you usher in both acceptance and a new perspective. What seems difficult may turn out to be richly rewarding.

She asks you to feel deep inside to know what you need in your relationship. Trust yourself to know what you need. If a relationship ends, you’ll be okay. In fact, you have some surprises in store: autonomy and solitude can feel very good. Transcendence, spiritual growth and living genuinely are your new treasures.

Maybe your relationship is changing. It needs a restructuring and you want to drop some old roles and obligations. Cleanse yourself of old expectations and find yourself again. Acknowledge the limits of romance, and learn to speak up on your own behalf. Perhaps you are moving from tribalism to individualism.

Maybe you’re taking a second look at romance and marriage and are seeking something different. To do that, you will have to learn to sit with your feelings, quiet your run-a-way ego, embrace change, and see romance as symbolic.

This book will make you stronger. Mostly importantly, you will find your way back to yourself.

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