When Camels Fly

When archaeologist Grace Madison’s adult daughter is kidnapped in Israel, Grace knows she’ll have to break almost all Ten Commandments to bring her home alive.

Moments after Grace shoots Maggie’s abductor, a young shepherd kills a second assassin. Running for their lives, the women quickly unearth a global evil poised to sacrifice millions. Their pursuit of justice endangers family and friends while the world teeters toward disaster. Crisscrossing the “cradle of civilization”–the Middle East–the women confront old loves and discover new passions.

How far will they have to go to save everyone and everything they hold dear? From the shadowy alleyways of old Jerusalem to congested caravanserai in Jordan, and from elderly operatives hiding under Masada to youthful rescuers disguised as snake charmers in Jericho, the mother-daughter team soon realizes nothing is as it seems–even each other.

Because sometimes, doing what’s right is all that’s left. $0.99 on Kindle.
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