Untold Deception

Untold Deception
I looked up. The executioner pulled the lever, her body fell, and the crowd cheered. I couldn’t watch the rest, so I lowered my eyes to the ground.

‘I think I understand now. I get it, Mom, I now know what it means to grow up.’

Salan, born an Abomination, a societal term referring to a mixed-race person. Salan is half human and half Felis (cat-like). Being an Abomination, Salan is discriminated against and treated as a social outcast. He lives in the slums with only his mom. Due to Salan’s genetics, he can control aura. This aura has an external smoke-like appearance that can morph into dangerous weapons. After the first day of high school, Salan makes his first friend, Seraculus. Her dominant gene being Minyades, a bat-like race of people. She is the only other Abomination. After school, the landlord asks for an outrageous amount of money for rent that his mother cannot afford. Salan kills and sells an endangered species pelt illegally to pay rent.

The royal guards find out about the pelt and torture Salan in the town square. This cruelty sparks a revolution. $3.99 on Kindle.

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