The Risk

The Risk

I’ve lost my goddamn mind.
I slept with my best friend’s brother.
This has to stop. Now. Except I’m hooked.

I wanted a fresh start for college. New town, new people. Right?
My new best friend made me part of her family.
I’ve never felt so welcome.

Then I met Logan. Her brother.

Playboy reputation. Star player. Gorgeous everything.
His sky blue eyes locked on mine and shot a love-struck bullet right into me.
I was so totally screwed.

If my best friend finds out, I’ll be on her naughty list for good.
So she can’t find out.
Except now I’m pregnant.

Time to run.

I never thought I’d see Logan again,
But there he is on the city street.
I know I should tell him the truth, but I just can’t.

It’s too late for us. We missed our chance.
Do we really deserve a second one? $0.99 on Kindle.

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