THE CHESSBOARD: The game of love and challenge

THE CHESSBOARD: The game of love and challenge
The first time I saw the legendary shiny emerald in your eyes, a fierce war between us began. My breath interpenetrated into the darkness of your hair, in its mysterious darkness, there myself was lost, I found myself watching your steps which fascinated me, and here I am.

After I was fleeing from you, I saw myself coming back to you, my feelings were streaming toward you, I just found them like rain falling lavishly, with true love and true giving, I found my heartbeats screaming I love you, covered with a shiver of a fear of you or a worry about you.

I found my soul shivering like a shiver of mysterious death when you abandoned me, my breath pounced and rushed to you, every breath says I will reach you before the others.I came to complain about you to you, in my desperate moments I came looking for you.

Despite all the distance, I want to feel your presence, your presence is never to be stopped by my limits or yours. See price on Kindle.

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