The Broken Men

the broken men

The year is 1980 and South Africa stands on the brink of collapse. World opinion is firmly against the white Afrikaner controlled government and internal strife is rising as indiscriminate bombings become an almost daily occurrence. Every white male between the ages of sixteen and sixty-five is eligible for conscription and the war has become one of attrition as it eats away at the fabric of society. Both sides have become so inured to death and aggression that violence has become a normal way of life.

In this turmoil of Apartheid and its policies of hatred, two young boyhood friends, Leon and Pete, grow up to become the most deadly enemies. Together they are drawn into a path of brutality and death that spans the oceans from Southern Africa to the United Kingdom.  The death of a way of life. The death of a country. And the birth of a new nation. $0.99 on Kindle.